Friday, October 29, 2010


Friday. It's FINALLY here. I've been waiting for it all week.  

Do you have big weekend plans? 

I have some beautiful life moments planned, planned you say, what happened to bring it back like Justin Timberlake? Well sometimes you just must plan. 

Girls night with some lovely ladies, can't wait, girl talk & munchies?!? Count me in!

Followed by a lovely caffeinated beverage with the lovely Amanda Sue and more girl talk, I can't get enough I tell you, it's just so good. 

Sunday brings church & playing with little tykes in the nursery. 
I love my kid fix every month, they are the cutest.

The icing on the cake? 

Celebrating Grandpas' birthday with the entire family and the possibility of seeing my favorite tiny cousin Honey Bee

And did I mention SLEEP?

Do you have beautiful life moments planned this weekend or are you waiting for what comes your way?

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