Monday, September 20, 2010

Neither Here nor There

thoughts from a jumbled mind

1. There is an oboe/flute in the apartment above me and it's uncanny how the person always practices when I am trying to take a nap. UNCANNY I tell you

2. A few years ago a movie entitled The Accidental Husband came out, I always wanted to see it but never got to it. Flashforward to today I found it on clearance for $3 at Half Price Book, and I made it mine.
Guess what I'm watching tonight?

3. I enjoy tofu. End of story

4. I finally found/bought a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins this weekend and bought them. 
Feet Heaven... until snow flies

5. I'm thinking of Halloween and trying to decide what to be. Ideas?

Speaking of Halloween
Photo ops in Target

I was sure we would get in trouble for this.
We didn't.

People probably thought we were under the influence.
We weren't... just the giggles from friendship. 

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