Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Confessions: I

Confessions from a Sitcom Addict

**clicking on links may give you spoiler information, consider this your warning**

When fall television shows come back you will be able to find me planning my evenings around my favorite show, new or old. I wait with bated breath to see what will happen next. Who will the new couple be? Will Sam & Addison stay together? What will happen on Bones now a year later?

I love spoilers. While fall shows have yet to start I am already seeing spoilers enter my inbox from TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly written by the hilariously funny Michael Ausiello. I greedily read up every bit of news, every thought or sneak peek into new shows and their line ups. Finding out what romance won’t work, and who is being replaced. 
Some people would say that spoilers ruin the fun. Me? I think they just enhance the fun. Instead of having to wait another month or two, I can get a little taste of the juicy storylines to come. It’s like knowing that you’re getting a Barbie swimming pool for Christmas and you just can’t wait to rip the paper open and go play with it. 

**true story about the Barbie Swimming pool

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