Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When was planning bad?

In college my friends & I were always spontaneous.

"Want to run to Taco Bell (at 11:30pm)?"
Sure why not. 

"Walmart run at midnight"
All for it!

"Let's go for a midnight stroll around campus."
Getting my shoes on

Last minute Applebees date with all of your friends?
You would be crazy to say no

Now? Now I make plans. No longer does a friend call me up and we hang out 20 minutes from hanging up, no longer do we change our plans willy-nilly and throw caution to the wind. We plan, we set time aside in our schedule. And let's be honest.. that's the only way some of my friends and I would see each other. I'm busy, they're busy, we all have our own lives and everything that goes with it. My friends no longer live just down the hall, across campus, or 5 minutes away. We live 20 minutes, 45 minutes an hour, two hours, and four hours away now. 

Spontaneity is it just a word now?

Bringing sexiness back? Justin did it.

Bringing spontaneity back? I can do that

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  1. if i leave now, I can be in the cities by 8:30! We can get ice cream and I can be back on my way :)