Sunday, July 11, 2010

{Day five}

Washington: I Gotta Feeling, That Tonights Gonna Be a Good, Night
Back in Seattle again. We spent the day walking around Seattle, a fancy dressed up dinner and the Space Needle. 

We started with breakfast at Kaladi Brothers, Carm was SO excited for their coffee. She even whispered sweet nothings into it's ear when she thought we weren't looking. 

Several months before our trip I bought a Seattle tourist book and paged and paged through my copy for months. When we got there I really wanted to visit Elliot Bay Book Company. When we finally went to look for it we started in Pioneer Square... not there at all turns out they moved to Capital Hill. 15 blocks later we found our way to Elliot Bay Book Company. By the time we found out if was that far up the hill we were only 2 blocks away, otherwise I think we would have turned around. I tried desperately to find something to buy in Elliot Bay but alas I found nothing. Later on Curly Locks gave me a postcard from Elliot Bay saying "You can't leave Seattle without something from Elliot Bay." They were such troopers while we were hiking the hills of Seattle. 
Morale of the Story: Check the correct address before you go :)

Our last night in Seattle we decided to dress up and go to a nicer restaurant for dinner. We settled on Tulio, a Italian restaurant in a nearby hotel. The food was amazing and the service was wonderful. Carm & Curly Locks got the Roast Chicken & I got the Lobster Ravioli.

Roast Chicken

Lobster Ravioli 

{Space Needle}

… all pictures for better or for worse taken by me 

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  1. Sweet nothings!? I didn't know you noticed....:) Carm