Tuesday, July 6, 2010


{365 Days}.

The distance between a year is 365 days, that's not anything new and ground breaking. But what you do with those 365 days, the way you live, how you fill your moments is what makes those 365 days worthwhile and memorable. 

As a 25 year old I:
Roadtriped to Duluth (5 times) ; weekend getaway in Bayfield, WI ; moved into an apartment ; moved out of my parents ; spent wonderful moments with fantastic friends ; joined the blogging community {again} ; feel in love with TWILIGHT made a wonderful MN resolution ; visited Washington & drove across the state ; grew with a wonderful group of ladies known as my small group gang ; dyed my hair ; lost 20 Ibs ; saw my brother graduated high school ; grew in my faith ; spent each day seeing & recognizing the beauty around me ;

Just as I blew out candles for my 25th birthday I am saying goodbye to 25

But HELLO 26 

Here is to making the year of 26 a wonderful blessed year. Stay tuned for the next 365 days to see what 26 brings... whatever it brings I know it will be a great adventure!

… all pictures for better or for worse taken by me 


  1. Well you certainly had a fulfilling year! Enjoy your 26th Birthday today!!

  2. You list of accomplishments is very impressive! I love birthdays, and I hope it was a GREAT one!

    I am finishing up Western Civilization 1760-something until now, and another class called "Comparison of World Religions". Their are both general distributives, and not really related to my major, which is American Sign Language. :)