Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Day three}
Washington: Seattle Found, The Portal to the Pacific

After finding our hotel at the Red Lion and dragging our stuff in we set out to discover the city. First stop was Pike Place Public Market.  We walked around the outside area of the market looking for someplace to get lunch. I love the "street food" and vendors that big cities have. I always think it's such a big city type of thing to do. Curly Locks and I shared a sandwich and I bought Cinnamon Sugar Italian Palozze that are similar to donuts but a bit spongier.

Gorgeous gorgeous flowers
Smelly smelly fish

{Stroll on the Pier}

Happy Hour at the Hotel on the Roof
{Pioneer Square}

We went on the Underworld Tour that takes you down into the old part of Seattle feet below current Seattle. Several different tour options were available to choose from we choose the Underworld tour that is a bit more "adult" and talks about the seedier history of Seattle. 

Tellers Cage

{Supper at Collins Pub}
Lamb Chops with Cous Cous & Cucumber Sauce
 New York Strip Steak with Garlic Potatoes Gratin & Roasted Asparagus
Seared Duck on Rice with Pea Trendle Salad

… all pictures for better or for worse taken by me 

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  1. Pioneer Square was one of my favorite parts of exploring that area. Did you stop at Waterfall Garden?

    Ooo... the Underworld Tour... We thought about doing that but didn't have time. Maybe next time!