Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Day four}
Washington: On the Road Again, Just Can't Wait to get on the Road Again
Saturday we left our hotel bright and early and caught the ferry from Edmond to Kingston. I feel like we waited an eternity in the car just waiting to get on the ferry. We ate breakfast on the ship (not very good at all) enjoyed the Ocean air & Puget Sound. I wish the ferry would have been longer, only a half an hour ferry ride. 

The elusive Mt. Ranier

Breakfast on the Ferry
Tully's Coffee 
Definitely Washington coffee but not Starbucks

From Kingston we drove to Port Angeles and continued on to the Olympic National Park. 
{Port Gamble}
Along the way we stopped at THE CUTEST town in Washington. 
While Carm & Curly Locks stopped for coffee I grabbed the camera (imagine that) & walked around looking at the cute sites. 

Picture Perfect Town
Morning Sunshine

{Olympic National Park}

… all pictures for better or for worse taken by me 

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  1. Hello gorgeous pictures! Seriously -- you should sell these -- or at least put them up somewhere. :)