Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For Real? (Revisiting Twilight)

The real reason behind the Twilight Prequel - You really must try to understand the sick obsession.

While I was looking at Washington trip information myself & Curly Locks (also a Twilight lover and partaker on the WA trip) were looking at a Washington Map and stumbled upon some interesting information. La Push, Port Angeles, and Forks are all REAL places. And I will be just a short distance away from them while I am in Washington on my trip! As tourism goes Washington has of course totally capitalized on the craze and free publicity that Stephanie Meyers has created with the Twilight Saga and has a lot of stuff out there on Twilight - Washington Style. Check THIS out.

Curly Locks did go a bit crazy when she realized how close we would be. Especially since we are hoping to visit Olympic National Park.

There is also a Quileute River I believe (which if you know your Twilight Quileute is the Indian Tribe that Jacob is a part of and that lives in La Push on the reservation). It turns out Stephanie Meyers is not quite as imaginative as I once thought she was.

Will we be partaking on a self made Washington/Twilight tour while we are visiting? Probably not but it is still quite interesting.

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