Monday, February 8, 2010

There are some crazy products out there... but really I'm not sure about this one.
I like bacon and I like peanut brittle - but I'm not so convinced that it actually goes together.

But really how different is Bacon Peanut Brittle compared to the Chocolate Dipped Bacon that was offered at the Minnesota State Fair in previous years?

My weekend in a nutshell

Friday - spent time with my bestie watching the bachelorette will munching on some chipotle & sipping some good wine ;)
Saturday - spent time with IL family that was in town
Sunday - 9:00 church (worship was amazing, and as always Pastors' message was wonderful) went to coffee with a wonderful person who was passing through town and had a wonderful super bowl party with family - I made M&M cookies - yum!

Tonight I think I will curl up with my Rachael Ray Mag (that I splurged on yesterday) and wait for my phone date with my dear friend. I am definitely missing out on getting a magazine subscription sent to my mail box every month.  I'm thinking about getting another subscription for this year. Any good suggestions? I'm thinking I would like another foodie/cooking magazine but I haven't decided. I am considering Cooking Light as an option. 

I'm definitely looking forward to this movie coming out and seeing it with my girlies. There are so many good people in it.

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